Cobble Hey Farm and Christ Church CE Primary School

Cobble Hey Farm is a fully working, environmentally conscious family run farm located just off the M6 near Garstang. With a strong commitment to education, Cobble Hey is the perfect place to learn about nature and the farming process from their on-site experience in farming, gardening and local wildlife.


In June, Year 3 and 4 pupils from Christ Church CE PS Charnock Richard, Lancashire visited Cobble Hey for their LEAF Open Farm School Day. The children watched sheep being sheared and learnt all about the uses of wool. In addition, they also participated in a planting session followed by an introduction to food assurance schemes and animal welfare. Throughout the day the children also looked at sustainability and how they need to look after the things they use, recycle as much as they can and re use as much as possible. Recent learning in the classroom was science focussed so the accompanying staff at Christ Church CE Primary School were pleased that their LEAF Open Farm School Day was able to reinforce these concepts plus gave the children the opportunity to ask questions and experience the many activities that happen every day on a farm.

North West LEAF Education Consultant, Katy Pallas, commented, "it was really surprising how much they picked up on and noted down." The highlight of the visit though was Ruby the kid goat who was born just before the pupils arrived at the farm!