Milford on Sea Primary School and Setley Vineyard

Year 5 and 6 pupils from Milford on Sea Primary School visited Setley Ridge, near Brockenhurst, to enhance their understanding of local food, food miles, seasonality and the commercial value of tourism to local farmers. LEAF Regional Education Consultant, Jo Hatton, helped create opportunities for learning in a variety of real-life contexts

Pupils toured the vineyard learning about the growing cycle of grapes and how they are processed into wine, enhancing KS2 science curriculum topics of Properties of Materials and Living things and their habitats.

A visit to the farm shop followed the tour with the children focussing on the product ranges available to establish the location of local producers and explore the concept of seasonality.

For some a highlight was the opportunity to then interview a local manufacturer about their locally sourced aromatics products, how they use local ingredients and how tourism affects their trade.

At the end of the day, class teacher Lorna Walton commented, “the children have a much better understanding of buying local produce and the importance of this ... for a one-day trip they have learned loads!”